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V-Ray for Blender



Luso Cuanza: V-Ray for Blender

O V-Ray® for Blender é um projeto que combina a flexibilidade e e velocidade de produção do V-Ray com uma das mais famosas aplicações gratuitas e open-source de 3D.

O V-Ray for Blender está implementado como uma forma de exportação de projectos, modelos e animações de Blender para o formato .vrscene, que pode ser renderizado no V-ray Standalone. 

Principais caracteristicas do V-Ray for Blender: 
VRayCarPaintMtl - create stunning car paint shaders complete with base, flake and coat layers.
Fast Sub-Surface Scattering Shader - V-Ray FastSSS2 material uses a pre-pass to create fast and accurate subsurface scattering effects with support for both single and multiple scattering.   
VRayHairMtl - a new shader, allowing hair and fur to be rendered with unprecedented control, quality, and speed.
Physically accurate lights - create realistic illumination using physically-based lights, including IES lights and true area lights with support for texture mapping.   
Dynamic loading of tiled OpenEXR - load tiled OpenEXRs on the fly with the help of the new and improved VRayHDRI texture. 

Plataformas Suportadas: 
Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional (SP2 or higher) 64-bit | Microsoft® Windows Vista® Business (SP1 or higher) 64-bit | Microsoft® Windows 7® 64-bit | Microsoft® Windows 8® 64-bit | Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6.0 WS (64-bit) or newer | Apple® Mac OS® X 10.6.5 or higher (Snow Leopard). 
V-Ray Standalone does not support GPU rendering on Apple® Mac OS® | The V-Ray framebuffer works only with 32-bit versions of V-Ray Standalone on Apple® Mac OS®.

Apresentação do V-Ray for Blender: