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Web Development by Luso Cuanza Web Team


PHP, which is an open source server side scripting language and is also called PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, has become a very popular tool over the recent past. Through it one can create extremely dynamic web pages with content that is capable of interacting with relevant databases. This feature is a big advantage for all those who wish to develop web based software applications, and our company (Luso Cuanza) offers a number of services in the field.

Since PHP was designed specially with the Web in mind, it is well suited to the different aspects of the Internet medium. To begin with it supports all major platforms like UNIX, Windows and even mainframes, along with the most popular databases. In terms of basic advantages, the first thing is that it is easy to learn and operate. Secondly, it guarantees a good and desirable application performance; thirdly, with PHP it is easy for an administrator to support a site without putting in too much of extra effort. And finally, it is quite affordable. In fact one of its biggest strengths is that compared to the kind of features and benefits that it provides a user with, it is extremely cost-efficient.

All these advantages are such that if they were to be applied to your particular website, they could help strengthen your web presence considerably. It is for this reason that Luso Cuanza Web Services makes it a point of providing a host of PHP related facilities to our clients, so that they can also use the advantages of the latest technology in strengthening their position and making their websites more efficient, reliable, contemporary as well as competitive.

We have a vast experience in software development and in web application using php. Over time our team of PHP developers has developed a number of solutions like CRM Solutions, E-Commerce shopping carts with content management systems, Web Calendars, Community tools and Discussion forums based on PHP and MySQL / Postgre SQL technology framework and related to the application.

Luso Cuanza web services also include the development of functional specifications, quality assurance services, launch support, project management, PHP and C development and architecture of SQL databases. In addition to this we offer various core skills wherever and whenever required by our clients. These would include Javascript client side programming, Object Oriented Programming, the development and support of large projects, the designing of web pages and scripts, and the use and incorporation of Unix/Windows/Windows NT/XP.

The databases concerned hare are MySQL , MS SQL and Sybase SQL. 

With the help of these diverse and most effective tools we help our clients to benefit as much as possible from the PHP programming language. This would cover areas like availability, platform dependence, reduction in development and maintenance expenditure and high performance. We assure all our customers that our services will exceed their expectations, and they themselves will agree that in terms of reliability, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, technological standards and professionalism they came to the right place.