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​Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a term used in the context of internet marketing and it basically refers to a way of marketing in which the overall visibility of a website in the results of search engine pages - also known as SERPs - is increased. There are mainly 3 core methods of Search Engine Marketing-Search Engine optimization or SEO, Pay-Per-Click services, and Paid Inclusion. Our company Luso Cuanza offers services in all these 3 areas and helps you to use them to the advantage of your online business and website.

A successful SEM campaign is one in which your customers can be convinced to take exactly those actions and decisions that you would want them to take. If this can be done in anon-manipulative and professional manner that also takes into consideration delivery of services, then a positive online return of investments in terms of marketing can definitely be achieved.

At Luso Cuanza the services we offer cover the entire range of search engine marketing and are aimed towards reaching your business goals. Some of the main facilities that we provide our clients with are Web Analytics, Natural Search Engine Optimization, Feed Management, Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management, and International Search Engine Optimization. Once all these e-commerce facilitators are used efficiently, not only will more traffic be diverted to your website, but more and more people will have an awareness of your web presence.

Once this has been achieved more and more people who are interested in serious business will get associated with you and the number of conversions from casual browsers to actual buyers will also improve.

With the help of qualified Luso Cuanza SEM professionals to assist you, you will be able to set-up multiple paid search accounts, create matched keyword databases, copy write the content of required and relevant textual material, have access to a 24x7 automated bid management, have a regular and reliable series of campaign monitoring, do bid-gap analysis and bid-trapping (that makes all those in competition with you pay more per click for advertisements that are similar), and even improve on value of what you end up actually spending on your advertising and marketing strategies.

Studies and surveys show that almost 92 % of the people who are online visit at least one search engine or related portal at least once a month. Those with successful search engine rankings witness an almost 900% increase in traffic to their websites and of these almost 80% get converted into actual sales. After seeing these figures the power of SEM becomes even clearer, and so does the importance of using this marketing technique through a reliable company.

The sophisticated and extremely effective SEM services that we offer to our clients at Luso Cuanza have always been successful in achieving these aims. Over time we have managed to establish a reputation as a company that provides comprehensive, reliable, contemporary, dynamic and effective online marketing strategies for all those who have been associated with us. We have helped our clients to attain results in terms of actual sales beyond their expectations and we guarantee that we can do the same for you.