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​Website Maintenance by Luso Cuanza Web Team


As important as it is to have a well designed and effective website, it is equally important to make sure that the information available on it is up to date and relevant. If this is not so, and customers or visitors find themselves faced with material that has either become redundant or that is no longer relevant, they will immediately lose interest in the website as it will fail to fulfill the criteria of reliability which is a must in terms of IT solutions.

A static website is as good as dead in terms of functionality. A successful website on the other hand is capable of maintaining current information that is correct, accurate and reasonably priced. Keeping this assumption in mind, our company Luso Cuanza offers services to help you maintain and improve your website.

Our Website Maintenance facilities include the revision and edition of web pages, making corrections and changes to them, removing unnecessary material and adding new one when and where necessary.

There are many website development companies that do not provide their clients with the required maintenance facilities that are a natural outcome of the process. As a result clients are then left with the responsibility of either taking care of this aspect themselves or of employing someone else to do it for them. But this is not the case at Luso Cuanza. We completely understand the demands of the situation and therefore offer you services to cover them efficiently and competently.

To begin with we take responsibility of adding, deleting and altering new pages, content, links or graphics. We also keep checking to make sure that there are no broken links and repairing them wherever required. We ensure that the site is functioning properly, and if it is not doing so we correct the faults. Minor changes of words or sentences are carried out and broken scripts restored. In addition to all this we also keep up with regular checks in search engine rankings and make minor optimization changes if they are felt to be necessary.

Another advantage of having a maintenance arrangement is that it is useful for adding information about new products or services that you may be launching. Depending on the individual and specific requirements of your business, the maintenance can be carried out on a periodic basis – weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc. - that can be decided by you. Not only will this make sure that your website is completely updated, it will also assure your regular visitors that you are competent, reliable, techno-savvy and professional in your approach. With regular maintenance they can be certain that whenever they visit your website they will find material and information that is relevant, valid and the latest.

Our services also include the facilities for highlighting different products and services on the basis of rotation, updating of online newsletters and journals, and promoting time-sensitive events that need constant and reliable monitoring.

On the basis of all the above mentioned facilities and many more, you can be sure that Luso Cuanza’s web maintenance services are amongst the best that you can avail of, be it in terms of efficiency, technology, accuracy, responsibility or an overall standard of professionalism!